Pay attention! This is your wake up call!

Pain as a motivator to grow.

Pain is a wake up call. That something needs to change. And more often than not, that something is you.

Yes, you.

Pain is your wake up call.

You need to change. More specifically, you need to grow.

It is easy to blame people in our lives for our misery. It allows us the safety of removing responsibility for our part in the situation. It allows us to stay in the comfort of a familiar environment, no matter how bad it is. It feels safer dealing with the familiar than with the unknown. Because truthfully, change can be challenging and exhausting. However, the reward of becoming a better, stronger, happier and wiser you dwarfs it a hundredfold.

I blamed my wife for being controlling. But I allowed her to control me. I blamed her for my not having a voice on our relationship. But there was nothing stopping me from speaking out, except for my own self doubt.

It took getting to a point of intense pain to realize that in the process of trying to prevent the situation I was most afraid of, I helped to create it. That my fear of conflict was unhealthy and immature. I needed to grow.

I used pain to push myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It allowed me to regain control of my life.

Pain can be the ignition for change but you need love, and discipline, to keep you on your journey of healing and growth.

Growth provides perspective.

Perspective provides clarity.

Clarity provides certainty.

Certainty provides direction.

Direction focuses your growth.

And when pain does comes knocking (and it will), pay attention. There is something you need to look into, to address. It often does not show up with a bang but a gentle whisper. Don’t ignore it.

Tony Robbins has a fun quote which I will paraphrase “Kill the monster while it is still an egg. Don’t wait for it to become Godzilla!

Pay attention. Your life is speaking. Pay attention. You need to listen.


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