The line: I love you but…

butloveMost of us have heard it: ‘I love you but I am not in love with you...’

and in its many variations including ‘ You are a great person and I will always love you but…

My line was delivered to me in a letter  ‘You are a great person and I love you but...’

A hard line to swallow. You feel the floor falling out from beneath your feet. It took me a moment to remember to breath. You feel hope slipping away as you plumment down.

It hurts. It really, really hurts. And it sucks ; (.

The temptation is to run away from it. Don’t.  If you truly desire to learn and to grow, embrace that pain. Understand why you put yourself there (yes, you), and what it is you have to learn. Take time to mourn, to let go (lovingly) and then start moving again.

Whenever you feel fear, acknowledge it, and then continue moving forward.

It will be slow at first. Step by step, day by day. If you have climbed at a high alitude, you will know the feeling. Each step seems to take every ounce of energy you have leaving you out of breathe from the thin air.

It takes time to build momentum.  But it also comes sooner than you expected.

And soon you are running again. Your goals clear in your mind. Filling you with energy and life again. Breathing deeply as you move almost effortlessly.

You will make it.

Share your stories about ‘The Line’ you received in the comments section below.


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