Growth: Say No More Often

Say No More Often via

Some time ago we talked about improving your life. One key to that is saying yes to life more often. The other one is probably saying no loud and clear.

These are probably two sides of a coin. Whenever you say yes to something, you say no to something else. I bet it happens surprisingly often that you say no to yourself.

Why not to say no more often? We feel selfish, egoistic and guilty. We want people to like us. We want to feel needed. And in most of the cases it’s easier to just say yes than to deal with other people’s reaction to no.

We seemingly live in a “selfish” society in which everyone is living for themselves, not caring about others. I would not agree. We constantly put ourselves under the pressure to do something for others, and saying no is considered just… inappropriate.

Just remind yourself a situation like this (and it probably happened today or yesterday, it happens every day…): someone asks you to help them, spend some time with them, do whatever that requires your time and attention. You feel this little twist in your gut, hear this internal squeak, and you want to simply say noNo without explaining, just no. But you don’t. You think about not sleeping enough, not having a long bath, not reading a book, not going for a walk. And then you say yes, of course.


For your own good prepare yourself to say no more often.

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