Romance 101: How to stop frustrating your wife.

In the midst of a very confusing time, I find myself struggling between giving space and being lovingly detached, and trying to engage and get any interaction with my separated wife.


Tossing and turning at night, I waft from the practical advice given to me not to take things too personally, to give her the time and space that she needs, and, moments of utter terror at the thought of loosing her due to my seeming inaction. The following blog post from Dal Rock has been very enlightening and reaffirming for me:


One of the common questions on the Marriage and Divorce section of Yahoo Answers comes from husbands who don’t understand why their wife is reacting negatively to their romantic gestures.  One husband recently asked Why does my wife not appreciate me?

Yesterday was my wifes birthday and I sent her flowers to her office. She threw a fit because they were not the flowers she was expecting. Really? First of all, i just sent her a big flower arrangement 2 weeks ago for our wedding anniversary. I didnt want to spend allot of money on these flowers because i am throwing her a suprise party this weekend. Plus I booked her a 3.5 hour massage and bought her a diamond necklace. She doesn’t know that because its a suprise.

The point I am trying to make is, isnt it the thought that counts? Just knowing I love her she be…

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